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Tibetan Singing Bowl Set #109: Master-Healing Diatonic (8 pc.)

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Master-Healing Singing Bowl Set #109: Diatonic (8 pc.)

This is a contemporary Legendary-quality® 8-piece Chakra-tuned Tibetan Singing Bowl Set.  The set includes one harmonically-balanced singing bowl each in 4th octave fundamental tones for the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye/Pineal and Crown chakras with an additional 5th octave tonic fundamental C. Note that one of the singing bowls is Concert Pitch DOUBLE BLUE and three others are within 1 Hertz of Concert Pitch!


This set includes one each of the following hand-forged bell-metal bronze singing bowls:


* C4 260 Hz. (Root) (Concert Pitch -1 Hz), Jhumka 8 1/8" diameter, contemporary

* D4 293 Hz. (Sacral) (Concert Pitch) (DOUBLE BLUE !), Jhumka 8 1/4" diameter, contemporary

* E4 328 Hz. (Solar Plexus) (Concert Pitch -1 Hz), Cup Bowl 5 5/8" diameter, contemporary

* F4 350 Hz. (Heart) (Concert Pitch -1 Hz), Cup Bowl 5 3/4" diameter, contemporary

* G4 397 Hz. (Throat), Cup Bowl 5 1/4" diameter, contemporary

* A4 450 Hz. (3rd Eye / Pineal gland), Cup Bowl 5" diameter, contemporary

* B4 504 Hz. (Crown), Cup Bowl  4 7/8" diameter, contemporary

* C5 527 Hz. (Root), Cup Bowl 5" diameter, contemporary


The rim tones of the singing bowls are: F#5 742 Hz, G#5 844 Hz, A#5 925 Hz, B5 990 Hz (Crown) (Concert Pitch -2 Hz), C#6 1108 Hz (Concert Pitch), D#6 1244 Hz (Concert Pitch), F6 1396 Hz (Heart) (Concert Pitch), and F#6 1440 Hz.


About the Sound Sample:

IMPORTANT--  Use your EARPHONES to enjoy & experience the true sound of this singing bowl set! (Especially with laptops, tablets, mobile and cellphones as their speakers cannot accurately reproduce the richness and wide dynamic range of a singing bowl's tones.)

First you'll hear the sound of the 8 singing bowls struck on their upper outside edges with the included Professional gong mallet. Then you'll hear them played around their upper outside edges with the included Leather mallet. And last you'll hear them played around their upper outside edges with the wood side of the included Tibetan-wool padded mallet. 


Package Also Includes:

  • Certificate of Authenticity  (Printed on parchment paper, hand-signed by Rain Gray--  musicologist and Indo-Tibetan art & antique expert). 

  • 4-piece Professional Mallet Set  (Handmade of Himalayan hardwood and including 1 Tibetan-wool padded mallet, 1 Leather mallet,  1 "Fat-boy" leather mallet and 1 Professional Gong mallet).

  • Tips and Information Brochure (Historical information, general metallurgical analysis, how to hold the mallet, playing around the rim, and advanced playing techniques).

  • Digital photo, Mp3 digital recording, and a Set Chart listing the tones and other information for each singing bowl (These will be emailed to you after your purchase).

Tibetan silk-brocade singing bowl cushions are optionally available at a nominal extra charge. Available in Tibetan red, Royal blue, and/or Plum. Please email us if you would like to purchase cushions in appropriate sizes for your set.

You will receive the EXACT singing bowl set which you see and hear on this page. 

These fine-quality contemporary Singing Bowls were personally hand-selected in the Himalayas by Tibetan musicologist Rain Gray. They are among the finest caliber of contemporary singing bowls available in the world. They have passed stringent tests for harmonic balance, smoothness and ease of playing, sound volume and long sustain. From over 50,000 singing bowls personally tested in the Himalayas each year, Rain only selects 1 out of 200 (equal to only one half a percent)!


This set has been personally matched by Rain Gray, renowned for his fine ear and ability to match tuned sets for usage by healing professionals, musicians, composers, and meditators who demand the absolute finest quality available.


Terms and Conditions: 

Please note that there is a 14 day Return Policy and a 10% restocking fee on this set if returned. There is a 5% cancellation fee on set orders if cancelled before shipped. By clicking on the "Confirm Your Order" button, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of this sale.


Please note that this Set is SOLD. But we have other incredible Sets available…
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Or, if you really like this one, we can custom-match a Legendary-quality Set like this for you.
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