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(OHC) ONE HAND CLAPPING Tibetan Bells with Environmental Sounds (DOWNLOAD)

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Product Description

A re-release of the renowned New Age classic--
this was the first all-digital [DDD] recording of its kind.

It's still an unprecedented aural experience!

About the sound sample:

You'll hear the first track of the album which includes Legendary-quality Tibetan singing bowls, Tingsha and a large Whuhan gong. These are all played against a backdrop/landscape of the sound of water in its flow to and on our planet.


About the album:

The soothing, subtle yet dynamic sounds create an unmatched meditative ambiance. This all-digital recording fully captures the amazingly rich harmonic overtones of 108 Ledgendary-quality Tibetan singing bowls and other Tibetan bells, hand-picked and matched over a 10 year period while living in the Himalayas by Tibetan musicologist, and founder of iSingingBowls, Rain Gray.






Skillfully played by three master musicians, Yogi John Franzoni, Rain Gray and Swami Satyam Vinaya, who compose from psycho-spiritual states of mind resembling those experienced in meditation. As a result their music is based not upon emotional excitement but upon inner peace and all-embracing compassion.





One Hand Clapping's commitment to capturing the very essence of the mystical, mysterious and ancient sounds of the Tibetan singing bells was enhanced by all digital recording on specially designed state-of-the-art equipment. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Joe Sidore (Chief Mastering Engineer) and Dennis Ghiatis (Special Projects Design & Acoustic Engineer) of Warner Bros. Records.


Listening to One Hand Clapping takes you away from the busy intellectual and emotional surface of your being. It gently leads you deep inside youself, to the still-point center. As you resonate with the music's beauty and enlightened tranquility, so you resonate with these same qualities within yourself. This music transforms you!


Length: 58 minutes


Enjoy using ONE HAND CLAPPING for:  reducing stress, contemplation,

meditation, prayer, yoga, holistic sound healing, and massage.



"An incredibly serene and relaxing experience.
The perfect cosmic soundtrack."

Michael Dare
Billboard Magazine


"One Hand Clapping meets a deep need within the realm of meditative music.
Milestone recording... this recording is as good as being there."

Jamie Michaels
Meditation Magazine


"The ultimate vacation."

Tim Deegan
20th Century Fox


"If I were lost on a desert island and could have only one CD with me
it would be One Hand Clapping."

Ray Tuskin
Vice President Rock Music
Capitol Records


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