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Tingsha #400: Large

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Traditionally used in the Himalayas as an offering of sound which helps to dispel the seemingly endless cravings of desire. Used in the West for meditation, healing work, and as a sound "smudge" to clear negative and attract positive energy.

Each pair is hand-cast in the Himalayas of bell-metal bronze and then hand-tuned, one-to-the-other, for superior sound balance. The Tingsha come in matched pairs, held together by a braided cotton cord. 

Easy to play. . . simply hold by the cord and strike one against the other on their edges. Produces clear brilliant tones with long sustain. The richness of the sound and the vibrancy of their natural modulations is amazing!


Authentic Legendary-quality® Tibetan Tingsha: Large

  • Diameter: 3 1/8" (7.8 cm)
  • Fundamental tone: either D7 or D#7
  • Bell-metal bronze
  • Hand-cast by Tibetans in the Himalayan hill station of Dehra Dun
  • Contemporary (21st Century)


About the Sound Sample:

IMPORTANT--  Use your EARPHONES to enjoy & experience the true sound of this Tingsha ! (Especially with laptops, tablets, mobile and cellphones as their speakers cannot accurately reproduce the richness and wide dynamic range of a Tingsha's tones.)

You'll hear the sound of the Tingsha struck in the traditional manner, on their edges, one against the other.


 Package Includes:

  • Matched pair of Tingsha with leather cord.

  • FREE Tibetan silk-brocade, zippered, case.

  • Fast & FREE USPS Priority Mail Shipping to any USA address (2 - 4 day delivery, trackable via the internet).

You will receive a pair of Tingsha as good as (or better than) the ones you see and hear on this page.

Personally hand-selected in the Himalayas by Tibetan musicologist Rain Gray, this pair of Legendary-quality Tingsha are among the finest caliber of new Tibetan Tingsha available in the world. Legendary-quality means these Tingsha have passed stringent tests for harmonic balance of sound, sound volume and long sustain.


"I received my spectacular large Tingsha bells yesterday. I was delighted with the fast shipping! But not as delighted as I was with the superb tone and resonance of the bells. I am a mental health counselor and am currently doing virtual appointments because of CoVid. The bells are so beautiful that their sound travels through the computer and/or phone to resonate with my clients. And of course, I am enjoying them up close and personal and feel very blessed. Before I purchased them, I contacted you about the tone and you assured me you had selected them yourself. I can only say "Well Done!" I am so pleased by these. Thank you so very much for offering these bells."

Anne L.
Tacoma, WA


"Highest quality of sound from professional Tingsha:  Rain's ability to match the professional size Tingsha's with the AntiqueTibetan bowl I was also buying from him was amazing. The pure sound that emanates from both is transportational. Thank you for your talented assistance."

Judy Y.
Sammamish, WA


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